3 card poker betting strategies

Those, who do not play cards, usually take poker as a separate game, which has certain rules for all. In reality, there are dozens of poker variants, and the game, where 3 cards are involved, is played very often. Sometimes, it is called “leisure”, a pastime for lazy people, but this is a joke. In reality, 3 card poker betting strategy is a pretty complicated system that requires good gambling skills, memory, and wits.

3 card poker betting strategy and rules

In order to understand how to win using 3 card poker bets, the player must remember at least the game’s basics. This information can be shared with newbies as a brief “manual”:

  • The game starts when the dealer gives each gamer (and himself) 3 cards. From this moment on, the player has the opportunity to get acquainted with the set of cards he has received.
  • There are 2 bets types here — Ante and Pair Plus
  • If a player gets the coolest hand, the payout increases greatly.

The payout for the Pair Plus bet looks like this:

  • Straight Flush – 40:1;
  • Three of a kind for — 30:1;
  • Straight — 6:1;
  • Flush — 4:1;
  • Pair — 1:1.

The game does not include Royal Flush. The dealer is usually a qualified player. To win, he should have at least one Queen. If his hand does not include this card, other players win immediately.

To understand how to play this game and use any 3 card poker betting strategy, it is important to remember that Ante is the 1st obligatory bet, while Ante Bonus is a contribution that a player makes to take possession of an additional win in conditions when he has Straight, Four of a Kind or Straight Flush. Ante Bonus is made before distribution and Ante.

Features of the 3-card poker strategy

In the beginning, each player has two options: continue the game or refuse. The main rule is to build a further strategy based on the available cards. With no-trading 3-card poker betting feature, the player can continue only when he has a pretty good hand. Bluff is not provided. If a player wants to win more, he has to bet on Pair Plus. However, if his hand doesn’t play, he will lose the bet.

There is no exchange in this game. If the player has a combination of Pair or higher, he received during the distribution, the bonus bet will be played.

In other variants, the player’s win or loss depends on the dealer’s and player’s cards. Matching is done by seniority.

If an opponent decides to continue the game with the Ante, the player needs to continue using cards from Q, 6, 4, or more. Such a strategic decision significantly lowers the chances of the casino — to 3.37% — subject to the maximum payments on the accrued bonuses.

If the player wishes to continue the game on each Queen, regardless of the suit of the remaining cards, the chance of winning the casino will immediately increase to 3.45%. With the Raise in all colors, the above result will instantly increase to 7.65%

Considering such strategic decisions, one can conclude that it is advisable to play with Pair Plus bonuses, and the best 3 card poker side bets giving preference to the option with the highest odds.

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