3-card poker odds calculator

Three-card poker is an exciting variant of the real poker game played with 3 cards. The possibilities to win — 3-card poker odds — are different here. The game is pretty simple but exciting. Some features make it very exciting compared to classic poker. The peculiarity is that the gamblers play against the casino, not other guys participating in the game.

Here, all players can get good winnings— 3-card poker casino odds can be reduced even by a beginner. The game uses the so-called Pair Plus, the bet, in which even a newcomer can win up to 100: 1 with only one pair. Another 6- card bonus bet gives a player even more chances — he has to beat 3 dealer’s cards only.

3-card poker odds — information for players

3-card poker is the game, where chances to win can be calculated beforehand. Newbies can use any good 3-card poker odds calculator, while professional gamblers know the chart with similar information by heart. However, both ways telling a player what the 3-card poker best odds are, work.

3-card poker odds calculator and chart

If a “classic” 3-card poker odds chart is traditionally published on the sites devoted to gambling and many internet casinos, where this game is presented, the calculator of the odds in three-card poker can be either downloaded or used online.

The chart gives general information about the chances to win with this or that hand and a calculator provides a result depending on the combination in a current game.

The hands in this poker are ranked as follows:

  • High Card, three cards in different colors, ex. Q, 10, 6;
  • A pair, ex. 10, 10, 7;
  • Flush, three cards that have one suit but not in a row, e.g. K, J, 9 (diamonds, for instance) ;
  • Straight, three cards in a row but in different suits, e.g. 3, 2, Ace or Ace, K, Q;
  • Three of a Kind, ex. Q, Q, Q;
  • Straight Flush, three cards, which have one suit and go in a row, ex. 5, 6, 7 all in hearts, for example.

Ace can be both the highest and lowest card in Straight. When the banker and the player have the same hand, the one with the best combination wins.

A player risks losing the Pair Plus bet for an unsuccessful hand and refusal to raise Ante with a significant combination. In other cases, the additional bet will be paid (it is guaranteed), no matter what cards the dealer receives.

Here is an approximate scale of winnings that can be considered when using any 3-card poker odds calculator, chart, or similar tools.

  • For Straight Flush the player gets 40: 1 prize money;
  • Three of a kind brings 20: 1;
  • Straight gives 5: 1;
  • Flush is paid 4: 1;
  • Pair brings1: 1.

The detailed information about this game and winning chances is provided at online casinos offering their customers to play 3-card poker.

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