Free online three card poker – is a new type of well-known gambling device

The game appeared in 1994, and in 2002 Shuffle Masters brought it to England. The popularity of entertainment grew so rapidly that many owners of gambling establishments began to offer it to visitors, hold tournaments under other names in order to avoid paying taxes.

If you come across the names Poker Three or Trey Poker, be aware that this is all the same Three Card Poker.

Free Online Three Card Poker: General Rules

Three card poker free online is a kind of classic game where a gambler plays against the casino. It has another unofficial name – poker for lazy people – due to the fact that the rules are extremely simple. For the game, a deck of 52 cards without jokers is used, there is no blackjack here.

The opponent of the player is the dealer, the neighbors at the table are not rivals for the gambler. Each participant receives three cards during the deal, hence the name. An interesting feature of this variety is that you can play 2 games within one: in Ante and Pair-Up.

  • Pair-Up (Pair or older) – agreeing to play Pair-Up, players expect that when they deal cards, they will receive a combination of at least a pair. It is impossible to increase the size of the bet or refuse it;
  • Ante – after the bets are made, the croupier deals three cards to the player and face down. Then the players evaluate their alignment, and either surrender (then the wagered amount is credited to the casino) or play further (in this case, the player puts the second Play bet equal to the original Ante bet and then the dealer and gamer combinations are compared. The one with the highest combination wins).

Best Free Online Three Card Poker Slot

3 Card Poker by Microgaming will help players to plunge into a sea of indescribable positive emotions, because winning against a computer opponent is not so difficult, the main thing is to consider each next move carefully and will not allow emotions to gain the upper hand. Externally, the slot looks pretty stylish.

The semi-dark environment, in which there is a green table with chips, cards and markup, creates a special atmosphere, adjusting to the gameplay from the very first seconds. Also, one cannot fail to notice the thoughtful arrangement of all zones of this three card poker online free game: control panel, game zone, information menu. Main characteristics are:

  • The number of cards per hand – 3;
  • The number of cards in the deck – 52;
  • The number of winning combinations – 5;
  • The lowest bet is 20 coins;
  • The highest bet is 500 coins;
  • The maximum winnings at the minimum bet are 800 coins.

After the distribution of three cards, players can save or double up to see the dealer’s cards and find out the result. In three-card poker, it is much easier to collect prestigious combinations, since Straight, Flush and Straight Flush consist of only three cards.

Payouts for such combinations are higher than for regular ones, so to play three card poker online free is profitable.

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