How to play casino video poker

Almost everyone who came to a real casino came across video poker slot machines. And you can play them, often directly at the bar, receiving free drinks from the bartender as a nice bonus. Why are video poker machines so popular? Is it due to special skills or maybe they are so famous for the ease of controlling the game with the touch screen? Or is it all about the high payouts for winning combinations offered in video poker? What is the magic ROYAL FLASH worth with the opportunity to get even a jackpot!

Although starting a video poker game is easy enough to learn how to play really profitably, you will have to master special strategies that will allow you to get a high theoretical payout percentage (RTP – “return to player”).

Understanding the payout table

The payout table in video poker is based on the traditional ranking of poker combinations. Therefore, if you are familiar with Texas Hold’em, you do not need to explain the rules. But even if you don’t know how to play poker, the machine will automatically mark the end of the hand after each deal, according to which you will be paid out.

However, if you want to WIN more often, you will still have to read the rating of poker combinations.

You will never be able to collect ROYAL FLASH if you do not have the necessary cards . 3 Cards to Royal Flush

Choosing the optimal video poker and bankroll game

Choosing a video poker slot machine at random can significantly reduce your chances of winning. .

If you want to win video poker often , first of all, you need to choose the optimal game. Don’t forget to check the payout table and payout rating of your chosen video poker before the game. Unlike slots, where you can blindly trust information published by casino representatives or game providers, payouts in video poker can be STATISTICALLY CALCULATED based on the payout table.

Take a look at our article on the most common and highest paid VIDEO POCKER GAMES , where you can find payout tables for different versions of games.

Choose Video Poker Game

Another important factor in choosing the optimal video poker game is DISPERSION . The higher this figure, the less often you will receive winning combinations. However, these single wins will be greater than in a game with low variance, where you win more often , but not significantly.

The variance is also important when choosing the size of the bankroll , which should be enough to achieve your gaming goals. For example, if you want to play long enough to get at least one big winning combination per game. In fact, all this is even more complicated than it seems at first glance . In our article on video poker strategy you will find all the necessary tips and tricks to start playing video poker.

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