Play three card poker: a rare but exciting form of poker

With three card poker casino lovers are quite rare. This is due to the much lesser popularity of this type of poker, the faster pace of the game, as well as the fact that this version exists for a relatively short time, since 1994.

The game is different:

• Only three cards on poker hands;
• Fast pace of the game, lasting literally half a minute;
• Ability to play with a dealer and several players;
• The main opponent is the dealer, not the players;
• Low commission of the casino, which is no more than 1.5% of the winnings.

All these features are the reason that many players are afraid to play this version of poker. For such players, the best choice would be play three poker free in online casino. Such a game is ideal for those who are not yet quite familiar with the rules and techniques of the game, and who do not want to lose money by gambling for money.

Game rules

If the player is still afraid to play three card poker, then it will be useful for him to find out that the second name of this game is “poker for lazy people”. The reason for this unusual name is the very simple rules of the game, which you do not need to think about for a long time. Up to six players can take part in the game, since there are exactly so many boxes in the game.

One player can play at once on all boxes if there are no other players. Moreover, bets on different boxes may vary. Three cards are dealt to each player, the one who has the combination wins more than the dealer. After the cards are dealt, the player makes ante – the initial bet necessary for the game to start, or he puts out the cards, thus refusing to bet.

At the initial bet, the winnings are paid 1: 1, that is, if the player puts one chip, he will get another one. To increase the winnings, you can make side bets, such as a pair + bet, which according to the rules should be equal to the primary one, or the ante bonus.

The bonuses in play three card poker are as follows:

• Street – 1: 1;
• Trees – 3 – 4: 2;
• Street-flash – 4-5: 1.

Some casinos offer to hold progressive bets with jackpots, but such bets are not profitable for players, and therefore it is better not to make them.

Card meanings

Cards are considered by seniority during play three card poker, a player wins if he has a combination of a pair and higher (see below). If the results are equal, the dealer wins, these are the conditions of the casino, both online and land-based casinos.

Especially important is the presence of Queen in the hand, since it forms the minimum combination that can provide a win to the player. In addition, the ace in this kind of poker can be both the strongest card (ace) and the weakest (unit).


In order to know how to play three card poker, you need to understand the winning combinations. The minimum winning combination is a queen. Next comes a pair of cards of the same rank (two sixes, for example).

A flush (three cards of the same suit, not with an inconsistent rank) is also a winning combination, like street poker (in this case, the ace can act as the strongest card – you can collect street from 2,3 and A), square (three cards one rank). The most winning combination is straight – flash (three cards of the same suit going in a row by rank). Unlike other types of poker, there is no Royal Flush combination in three card poker.

Strategies to win

In order to play three card poker you do not need to adhere to very complex strategies, there are some tips to increase the likelihood of winning at the casino.

It is worth remembering that the best way to play three card is to bet when there is at least Queen in the combination, or there is a stronger combination (street, flesh and others). In any other case, it is better to immediately lay out cards without making bets.


The play three card poker option is ideal for beginners who do not want to delve deeply into the complex rules of other types of poker. Not surprisingly, this type of poker is gaining more and more fans. It is definitely worth a try.

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