The simplest three card Poker strategy and the game rules

3-card Poker may not be as famous as Texas Hold’em, or Blackjack, but it has its own features and its own three-card Poker strategy. The rules that are simplified and not complicated, make it a promising game and there is no doubt that it will be more popular in the years to come. The cards values remain the same as in a Hold’em, and even a newbie will remember them fast.

Learning the rules before trying the best three-card Poker strategy

Before starting to think about three-card Poker strategy, learn everything about the game rules and its payout. This is a 52-card game. It is based on the foundations of Texas Hold’em. Also, knowing the combinations that are associated with this variant will be a considerable asset for the player.

Value of the cards

To use the best strategy for three card Poker, it is needed to learn the cards’ value first. In descending order, it has an Ace as the supreme card, followed by the King, Queen, and Jack. The remaining cards retain their numerical value: thus, the 10 is greater than the 9, the 8, the 7, the 6, the 5, then 4, then 3 and finally, 2. According to the combinations, the Ace can serve to complete a fifth or logical sequence such as Ace-2-3.


Here is the cards combination value in descending order:

  1. Straight — 3 cards of the same color that follow consecutively. The Queen-King-Ace here is the strongest in the game.
  2. Three of a kind — these are cards (three of them) that have got the same value. This is for sure the most powerful and beneficial combination in the game.
  3. 3 cards that follow consecutively without necessarily having the same color.
  4. Color 3 cards of the same color that do not necessarily follow consecutively.
  5. Pair — 2 cards of the same value. The pair of two Aces is the most powerful of the game.

Different stages of the game

Before using a certain three card Poker betting strategy, players start by placing a starting bet on the table. The following stuff is happening after:

  • The dealer delivers three cards to each player, one of which is a hidden side. It also distributes three cards with a hidden face.
  • Players check their hand.
  • Players fold, place a bet equal to the amount of the initial bet or raise the stakes.
  • Once their decision is made, the players deposit their cards face down.
  • The dealer compares the results: whoever has the strongest hand and uses the best three card Poker strategy, wins.

Special bets

In three card Poker, it is possible to make special bets. If a simple initial bet may allow the player to get a hand higher than the dealer’s, making a Pair or More bet will be to bet that the player’s hand will have a Pair if not better. These special wagers will respect the minimum and maximum limits imposed.

Three Card Poker Strategy

A special strategy three card Poker game usage will increase the chances of a gambler to win. For instance, he must not hesitate to increase the bet when he has at least a pair of 6.

Naturally, he must be sure he has a sufficient budget. The player must adapt special game tactics according to his financial resources. If a balance is a bit short, it is better not to risk.

Gamblers must be aware that with three cards, it’s harder to win at three-card Poker than at Texas Hold’em, where the dealer gives the player five cards.

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