Video poker bets

As obvious as it may sound, you can improve your chances of winning by calculating your bets correctly:

First you need to deposit money into a video poker machine. In regular casinos you need to insert a note into a special receiver. In online casinos this is done automatically or you can choose the amount you want to deposit.

Limit in Video Poker

From the calculation of the amount paid and the face value of the slot machine, you will receive the appropriate number of GRANTS. For example, you deposit $ 20 into a 5-cent slot (1 credit denomination – 5 cents) – the machine will show you 400 credits available for play. Some online or offline video poker games may ask you to determine the face value of one credit . The most common denominations are: 5 cents, 25 cents (100 credits with a $ 20 deposit), 50 cents (40 credits), $ 1 (20 credits) and $ 5 (you only get 4 credits with a $ 20 deposit).

Another common mistake of newcomers, which reduces the chances of winning, is to choose the wrong number of credits selected for the game .

Do not repeat this mistake, always use the “MAXIMUM RATE” button to place the maximum possible number of credits per round.

In this case, the percentage of payments differs by literally a few percent. If you want to bet 25 cents per game, choose a slot with a minimum face value, such as a 5-cent machine. This way, you can bet 5 credits on 5 cents. This version of the game will be more effective than betting 1 credit at 25 cents. The exact theoretical payout difference depends on the game.

Choose the right cards for the game, and the unnecessary ones – discard

This is the most difficult aspect of playing video poker. If you do not learn to leave the right cards and get rid of the unnecessary ones, you risk depriving yourself of a chance to win.

In order not to say goodbye to your bankroll very quickly, the choice of cards should be based on the scheme of proper selection of cards for playing video poker . You can read about it in our articles on video poker strategy and video poker games .

Leaving the card selection strategy unattended, you will often find yourself in a situation where it will be almost impossible to make the right decision.

Even if the payout percentage (RTP) reaches 99.95%, making the wrong decisions, it can fall significantly .
For the most effective memorization of the card selection scheme, print it out and train constantly. Alternatively, play video poker online by hanging this printout over your monitor.

Below you can find a typical example of a complex situation where knowledge of the selection strategy is very relevant. Most players chase a combination of “royal flush”, leaving a diamond queen and a diamond jack (or flush draw), which only confirms the seriousness of the mistake . The only correct solution would be to leave a low pair: a top three and a diamond top three. In progressive jackpot games, the situation is even more complicated. If the jackpot reaches more than 21,500 credits, then the right decision would be to leave the queen and jack to collect the ROYAL. However, the expected income from flash draw combinations will be much lower than from low pair and “royal flash draw”.

Pick the Right Cards

Getting to know the payout table is only half the battle. By playing the strategy, you are approaching the maximum payout.

Without knowledge of the payout table and the rating of poker combinations, a new player can leave one diamond player for the game altogether, which would probably lead to a loss. But it really destroys the bankroll style of play – namely, constantly making the wrong decisions. As, for example, such that we have considered above. In the long run, this person is unlikely to be a plus. So before you expect to increase your winnings, make sure you have mastered the strategy of selecting cards for playing video poker

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